Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Matrix Concepts net profit surges to RM115m! fantasic results!

KUALA LUMPUR: Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd's net profit surged nearly 200% to RM115.4mil in the first quarter ended March 31, 2015 from RM38.6mil a year ago on the back of higher revenue for residential and industrial properties.
The company said on Tuesday revenue rose 135.8% to RM317.6mil in the quarter compared to RM134.6mil in the corresponding period a year ago.
Matrix Concepts chairman Datuk Mohamad Haslah noted it was a bumper quarter due to quicker construction progress of its on-going residential projects in Bandar Sri Sendayan as well as accelerated payments by investors for industrial properties at Sendayan TechValley.
Moving forward, he said the company targets for investment properties segment to contribute 10% to the group revenue in the next five years.
“The group also noted revenue contribution of RM2.2mil from investment properties, comprising Matrix Global Schools and d’Tempat Country Club,” the company said.
On the other hand, revenue from the residential and commercial properties segment jumped more than 120% to RM220.8mil, from RM99.6mil a year ago. Sales of industrial properties and land were RM94.6mil from RM35.1mil a year ago.
Haslah expected demand for residential properties to remain intact due to the population growth of Negeri Sembilan while Kuala Lumpur residents were buying properties in the Klang Valley region.
As at March 31, 2015, the group's unbilled sales of RM392mil would last Matrix Concepts until 2017.
“In line with the positive results, the group today declared a first interim single tier dividend of 4.25 sen per share. The dividends will be paid to shareholders on 9 July 2015 based on the Record of Depositors on June 26, 2015,” Matrix Concepts said.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Malaysians are Not Happy at Work



According to a recent JobStreet.com survey on Employee Job Satisfaction in Malaysia, 78% of the respondents claimed that they were unhappy with their current job. While it is often perceived that the main reason many young talent leave a company is due to the low salary, only 17% out of the 1,145 respondents quoted salary as the main reason for influencing their unhappiness at their current job.
Dissatisfaction with their scope of work was the top reason many felt unhappy at work. Most of these unhappy employees said they felt that they have too much work or that their work is predictable and boring. Another factor was also their poor relationship with their immediate supervisor or boss.
The remaining 22% of the respondents who are currently happy at work revealed the top 3 factors which influenced their happiness:
  • 50% are enjoying their working experiences and working challenges
  • 21% are happy with their bosses who appreciate and value their input
  • 19% are enjoying their work because of their friendship with their colleagues
Overall, the employees agreed that the ultimate change in order to determine their wellbeing at work would need to include opportunities for career development and also work-life balance in the company. If the needs are not met, the majority (62%) said they would find another job to restore their happiness at work. One respondent said, “A company with strong management workflow that meets customer's demands, good colleagues who can help one another with office politics at its minimum, and a good career opportunity is a pull factor for me to enjoy my job.”
A total of 1,145 employees, of which 62% are from the middle management level, took part in the survey that was conducted by JobStreet.com in September 2012.
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